That’s why my coaching program is challenging the monetary habits or so to say our personal monetary politics.

The core ideology can be subtracted from the following claim: it is not about my service being on sale, instead, it is about making you rich.

The rich in my terms sure is about the money, but not exclusively. If someone doesn’t perceive her/his everyday life, rhythm and ride as being rich in this way or another, no money can help when something is continuously lacking.

Being able to realize what you lack, luckily there exist great self-help tools. I used them and they profoundly changed my life. Basically, you divide your life into sections and rate the contentment for the specific section from 1 to 10. In the areas of your life, scoring the lowest, list the immediate and long-term way out ideas. Wait a day, or two, and thoroughly re-think what could be the most effortless action or non-action plan resulting in the maximum, optimal and fine-tuned effect.

Simply, you have to find the easiest, most affordable and most convenient way out and only then stick to it. It needs to be nailed as a reduction mechanism – some sort of simple set of tricks which will function as being in the line with the cause-and-effect ‘philosophy’.

I have in such way sorted out about a half of my areas of life, which now rate much higher than, oh, is it already two years ago?

The areas that are persisting in a sort of stuck position, whereas no re-boot had worked yet, for which it seems no action plan is functioning and all mechanisms are failing; these areas are if nothing else, something special indeed.

So, don’t ever nag about it for real, I know it sounds crazy as in c r a z y – now, stop beating yourself up with any kind of the macro or micro guilt trips.

Instead be amazed of its particularity and let the bizarre and tiring self-protection glitch become a state of wonder and amusement.

Only a couple of days ago, maybe already weeks I have finally experienced the overwhelming power of embracing the shit, for and with which my sup/supra/sub or even the sole consciousness itself can’t stop messing up with my daily production/reduction potential.


A coach is here to stay.

It is great to be a coach, but it is even more great to have a coach.

Coaching phenomenon is not growing by chance, it is here because it is the mechanism enabling feeling truly great about one another. Finally.

People are people

so what could it be?

If you and I are getting on so perfectly.

People for people. Simple as it seems.

When both sides are winning – it is free as and from a destiny.

Get ready to take the most selfish and altruistic ride of the life.

Simultaneously. Fine-tuned.

Clicked enough perfectly.

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