The 140 years have passed since the birth of Kazimir Malevich and 103 years since the first public exposure of the iconic Black Square at the Last Futurist Exhibition 0.10. 

On the occasion of the 140th anniversary, Kristina Pranjič delivered a stunning international symposium, at which the art and literature from the dawn of the previous century were presented, debated and analyzed. Besides referring to art history, philosophy, and socio-politics, the whole specter of the modern scientific knowledge finally represented one of the key contexts, along with the Russian Cosmism firmly positioned as one of the most relevant topics for an in-depth understanding of both, the previous and present century of self, art and society.

Hopefully, my contribution entitled Quantum Paradigm and Its Spiritual Resemblance had some emotional or epistemological impact, for I was in some way or another totally moved and deeply inspired by everyone’s lecture/appearance that I managed not to miss. Vladimir Medenica, Janez Vrečko, Iztok Osojnik, Miklavž Komelj, Bojan Andjelković, and Kristina Pranjič each presented some strikingly fresh content, a knowledge empowered by shifting perspectives. However that may be, my biggest awe goes to the honorary guest, a triple Ph.D. holder and a retired cosmonaut Juri Baturin, who in an interview by Dragan Živadinov didn’t only warm up my mind; his innocent vibe, the oak like presence, and a modest embodiment of his grandiose lifestyle resulting in the magnificent open-mindedness, entirely blew up my heart.

For the end, I would like to reveal what overwhelmed me most, and how I upgraded my personal epistemological awareness after spending two fascinating afternoons at the Osmo/za. A jewel of history is the fact that the Russian Space Program is based on the their cosmistic philosophy, art, and theory in which the space is not another unknown territory yet to be explored (and exploited), but it is The Universe in which artistic, spiritual and scientific contexts are equally important for creation of a mindset and the technologies to reach the space among the stars, not only out there, but also within us. There is no universe and us, we are the universe, and the universe is us.