According to a belief that our mind plays a crucial role in creating reality, I like to say we live in the world of abundance, in which the scarcity should be addressed as an issue of incompetent or inadequate, and clearly bad distribution policy. It is our hyper-production of goods which creates this world of abundance and in addition the illusion of choices. We are all becoming hoarders, trashing our world(s) with stuff and losing our minds with the constant time-consuming confrontation of choices. Simply, the production, precisely ‘the work’ as the key category of the global economy market becomes absurd. A misused and misplaced driving force with universally chaotic effect. So why work and what is its essence, if it is neither a survival nor production necessity? The answer lies at the heart of the matter: the work is an emotional (and psychological) category, a health generator. We all need to work to stay out of trouble and to keep our sanity. The emotional balance and the joy of being fulfilled largely depend on doing the work we love.

To conclude, there are two types of the work in the future and for the future: a work as an act of creation (innovation) and a work in the domain of taking care (of each other and of all the stuff we already produced).

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