On the occasion of a dear invitation to give a talk, I am inspired to propose a different reading, if I dare to say a new discursive framework to view, analyze and understand the Modern Art, and consequently the Contemporary Art.

A rough time-frame of the Modern Art beginnings is considered at the dawn of the previous century, simultaneously with the birth time of quantum mechanics, relativity theories and more. As I have compared throughout the history all big discoveries and AHA! momenta in science needed about 100 years to be embraced on the overall socio-political scale, to become commonly applied to more or less everything and by everyone.

Now, the 100 years have passed and the “all-embracing process” of that knowledge has started, whether we are aware of it or not. Some of us are convinced applying the quantum view radically changes how we see and perceive history, present and future, how we behave and even how we deal with each other and our emotions.

To turn back to the arts, this means that a completely different discourse on Modern Art is possible, and will probably constitute the Art History of the future. To evaluate and analyze the masterpieces of the Modern Art through quantum paradigm and its central characteristics shade a very different light on the r/evolution of novelties in the art forms, formats, and in the art theory, and even-more-so in those great and energy pumped artist’s ideas and manifestos from that time.

Just imagine realizing the cubist paintings are actually representing the spacetime and quanta based formations of the holographic matter; or a pointillist painting is seen as the particle-wave dimension of reality; or impressionist painters are showing the instability of photon (electron) particle, or to be more precise the inability of being just an objective observer; or Kazimir Maljevič’s Black Square, in addition to all of the above, perceived also an ultimate example of the matter/antimatter existence, and so on and so forth.

Clearly, this is just a glimpse into a transformed art history and its total revision. It is a tickling proposal for progressive minds, to not only write history which will adequately include women artist but to write it all over again.

However, all the history and all our epistemological and institutional framework will one day be reconsidered through the quantum shift, that will, once it overwhelms the present also embrace the past and the future. Looking forward.

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