A Manifesto is a declaration of beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. It is a statement of principles and a call to action.

  1. We are entering the quantum age, everything is a point and a continuum, a particle, and a wave at the same time. Meaning this Manifesto is always done and never ended. A work in process. A constant evolution. A becoming.
  2. Evolution is not a progress, it is rather a constant confrontational process towards equilibrium. A continuous dialectics resulting in the present momentum – which is always the most optimal one. Evolution is a never-ending optimization process.
  3. There is always the same amount of matter and antimatter. There is always the good and the evil. To transgress it is to accept that. With inventing new oppositions the previous positions can be eliminated.
  4. We and everything that we know, and everything that we can think of, all our universe and knowledge emanates from the light and returns to that light. As the light of everything folds, it produces the new worlds, which are producing the new light.
  5. Everything always is, has been, will be – everything already is, was and will be – only the morphology of “it – whatever that is” – is changing. Hence, the new is not really new, its morphology is new, but a kind of the essence has already been, is, and it will be there.
  6. All that is claimed in this manifesto and all that you can read on this site has its opposite truth, dependable on the context, perspective, whatever one might call it. Read Lao Tze or Rumi, to easier understand what this means. As I used to say truth is a temporary point in spacetime fabric web, like a fold, that can be folded again, or like a membrane when two worlds touch one-another.