Primarily, the Mind Navigation Institute is engaged with introducing and implementing the quantum paradigm shift, its spiritual resemblance and its ancient wisdom analogy to the history of art and to contemporary art. It is one of the pioneering platforms for the art practitioners, art students, creative individuals or collectives to get acquainted with the power and potential of human interaction in the form of training, mentoring and coaching.

According to a belief that our mindset is creating the reality, the Mind Navigation Institute understands our world as a world of abundance. The case of scarcity is above all the problem of envisioning, applying and implementing the fair distribution software. In the world of abundance, the work ceases to exists as a category of production or as a building block of political economy. Instead, the work becomes a psycho-emotional category, a health generator and an agent for a balanced and fulfilled life.

In the 21st century, our common and global purpose is not the production (of goods), anymore. Hence, we are here to create values of compassion and take care of each and every one of us, and for all and everything that surrounds us.

It’s time to create and take care. This is why and how art and coaching are the Mind Navigation Institute.

We are all masters of the now and future visionaries. According to quantum mechanics, the field of all probabilities is out there, and we are all co-responsible for the quantum collapse. However, this means the acts of experiencing now and envisioning the future are highly responsible acts. We feel what we envision, and we collapse the socio-political reality waves into the tangible particles of the matter by our consensual image of the future.