The Emergence Theory

And here it is, will be, and always has been. The Emergence Theory by the Quantum Gravity Research from LA. The author, David Jakubovic made a crystal clear and pretty mind-blowing science as fiction! I can only leave you with an invitation to watch the film and to get acquainted with ‘my goddess’ The Consciousness.

“I think that’s the job for each of us: to show our best toys and our best tricks that lift has for us and our friends to ever more unfamiliar levels. There is no end to this bootstrapping process. The future of the human mind and body and the future of humans together is endlessly bright.” Terence McKenna (1946-2000)

Since around 2012 my mind is buzzing along spiritual realms. I have been constantly trashing or upgrading the mind with various online educational resources. Honestly, a lot of it wasYoutube. 

However, my laic knowledge of the modern physics, its subatomic universe measured by relative time, the quantum processes in biology, David Eagleman’s neuroscience and much more – shifted my personality from being a rational critic of neoliberal capitalism to become irrational promotor of optimism.

On the other hand my personal daily challenge is coping with a delayed and prolongated postpartum depression. Nowadays it looks even more challenging because most of my grandiose revelations are gone. Besides I am unintentionally fighting the slow process of accepting and letting go my inability to become a morning person. No spiritual or any other wisdom truly helps, so I play around with the constant search for affirmations of spirituality through (historic) philosophical approvals, theological renderings, and through scientifically legitimate validations.

Let’s see what does it mean to have a great day experiencing full on synchronicity, having a bliss bliss, and because of the latest discovery of The Emergence Theory, simultaneously the oldest and the newest theory of everything.

According to a rather disputable but amusing School of Life, my philosophy is remarkably similar to David Hume‘s philosophy prioritizing feelings, re-modeling the common sense, in consequence educational framework, and much more. After this realization I get so inspired that I just want something simple, so I say let’s check a double slit experiment again. Since quite a while I have been intrigued by a so called conscious observer responsible for a collapse of the quantum wave function. Namely, in all these experiments a conscious observer is always represented by a video camera. Still confused and in indirect search for an answer I have decided to finally check The Emergence Theory.

The synchronicity with David Hume’s philosophy needs a separate blog post. Instead let’s continue with David Jakubovic, who among other great things claims that all time affects all time all the time.


Good Night and Good Morning at the same time! Literally!

Nice, isn’t it?

Does this statement relaxes you, or does it makes you slightly uncomfortable?

What or how you feel if you are sure about the simultaneous existence of all possible realities?

Or as Katrin Barad would put it: “Even worse, if the electron has a wave function for each of the possible measurements we could perform on it, then talking about a single particle actually means talking about a multitude, possibly an infinity, of different wave functions.”

I don’t remember the context of how and why this would go from bad to worse, but for me realizing this multitude, also as the constant shifting among the number of parallel, yes parallel realities, is calling for a complete make over of our multi-sapiens morality, justice and much more. The collective consciousness is formatting, forming and formulating the new common sense discourse, individual awareness and much more.

Is it really new?