Dunja Kukovec, born in 1975 in Ptuj, lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She holds MA in Art History, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since the late nineties till the end of the new millennium’s first decade, she has been working as a new media and contemporary art curator, critic/publicist and producer. Most of her life she has been a freelancer, a procrastinating workaholic that couldn’t stick to a routine of the strict working hours. While starting off as a progressive visionary, thereafter she continued her career within amazing and emotionally rewarding, though occasionally frustrating collaborative art projects.

A couple of years ago, it happened. A curse of collective’s ill-communication, and a fanatic urge to educate herself on the commonly available contemporary science, from physics, biology to neuroscience – brought her back to revise and re-discover her individual potential and form a unique approach. The result is the additional professional career in coaching, with a particular interest in the art and career coaching, leadership and team coaching.

She has curated, co-curated and organized numerous cultural events and exhibitions in Slovenia, and internationally. Selected projects: co-curator of the Belgrade October Salon (2014), co-founder of international feminist project Bring In Take Out Living Archive (2012), curator of international exhibitions Get Together (2006) and Area Kolaborativa (2004) at Škuc Gallery Ljubljana, Coded Cultures (2004) at Freiraum Museumsquartier, Vienna, Share! Like a receipt! (2004) at Gallery P74 Ljubljana, international exhibitions at 12th and 13th Computer Art Festival, Maribor (2005, 2006), and Pixxelpoint festival of digital arts in Nova Gorica (2004). She worked as an interim curator at Manifesta 3 and as assistance curator of Igor Zabel (1958-2005) at the Venice Biennial (2003); in 2002-2003 she worked as an intern curator in the Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana. From 2004 till 2005 she worked at Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana as a project manager of LIFFE – Ljubljana’s International Film Festival and Documentary Film Festival.

One of the peaks in her contemporary art career was a co-directing position of the City Of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts (2006, 2007). From 2008 till 2011 she ran the Association Igor Zabel for Culture and Theory. She also worked with CRVENA Association for Art and Culture in Sarajevo, as well as with Sarajevo Contemporary Art Center, and was twice in the jury for the Zvono Award. She was a member of the Red Mined feminist curatorial collective. In 2012 she inherited MINA Institute for Socially Engaged Art and Theory in Ljubljana and started to write a blog Dark Matter Bright Thoughts. According to her reformated mindset and new belief system, and by gaining knowledge and expertise in coaching MINA Institute and Dark Matter Bright Thoughts transformed into the Mind Navigation Institute and its ‘art and coaching’ webpage.