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My name is Dunja Kukovec, and I am in charge of the entire content of the site and for all the activities of the Mind Navigation Institute. 

Since I remember I have always challenged the obvious, promoted justice and foster individual, social and political open-mindedness. That being so turned the art history museum and gallery visits of my late childhood and early youth into studiing art history, and later on pursuing an international career as the new media and contemporary art curator, critic and culture manager. After more than 15 passionate years of success, challenges, and tears; a couple of years ago, I felt like it is time to hold, stop and re-think. My public life was traded for the personal obsession with vast online educational resources. The applications of modern science, neuroscience, and quantum theory shifted my understanding of the mind and matter, of the universe and self. Diagnosing myself an adult ADHD and bipolar personality disorder I have since ever constantly been working on to improve myself and my life. It is a releif to better understand how emotional and logical mind can be trained and bring more focus and peace into everyday – for me, to my loved ones and last but not least, to my geater social and proffesional circle.

This website is a space for art reviews, insights, commentaries, serious proposals, crazy ideas, common sense solutions, life hacks, mind tricks and ?