6 reasons why you can love or hate Florentina Holzinger

It was a complete downer when I came 10 minutes too late for the world premiere of TANZ. It happened at the 25th anniversary of the City of Women Festival at Kinošiška, in October 2019. Even though the 10 min delay was announced to organizers ahead, noone could help me when big guys at the […]

Contaminated with Optimism

The Emergence Theory And here it is, will be, and always has been. The Emergence Theory by the Quantum Gravity Research from LA. The author, David Jakubovic made a crystal clear and pretty mind-blowing science as fiction! I can only leave you with an invitation to watch the film and to get acquainted with ‘my goddess’ […]

We are all rich. But not everybody are able to enjoy it.

That’s why my coaching program is challenging the monetary habits or so to say our personal monetary politics. The core ideology can be subtracted from the following claim: it is not about my service being on sale, instead, it is about making you rich. The rich in my terms sure is about the money, but […]

In Giving We Receive – The Amazing Trigger for Motivation

It was one of those lucky days when Google search simply drops out great results. One of the most inspiring ones was the article on motivation published on Quartz at Work entitled Psychologists Have Surprising Advice for People who Feel Unmotivated. Feel free to click on the links and read it through. Basically, it is an academic […]

The Symposium on Kazimir Malevich: Art, Literature, Modern Science and Spirits

The 140 years have passed since the birth of Kazimir Malevich and 103 years since the first public exposure of the iconic Black Square at the Last Futurist Exhibition 0.10.  On the occasion of the 140th anniversary, Kristina Pranjič delivered a stunning international symposium, at which the art and literature from the dawn of the previous century were […]

Effortless Discipline

No matter how challenging is the task, how persisting are afflictions, or how annoying got the habit – embracing it means accepting, finding and applying personally tailored discipline. It can be hard but it must be effortless. Only as such, it can succeed in a sustainable and lasting effect. Productive reasoning does not help here, […]

Modern Art – A Quantum Restrospection

Just imagine realizing the cubist paintings are actually representing the space-time and quanta based formations of the holographic universe, mind and matter; or a pointillist painting is seen as a particle-wave dimension of the reality; or impressionist painters are showing the instability of photon (electron) particle, or to be more precise the inability of being just an […]


According to a belief that our mind plays a crucial role in creating reality, I like to say we live in the world of abundance, in which the scarcity should be addressed as an issue of incompetent or inadequate, and clearly bad distribution policy. It is our hyper-production of goods which creates this world of […]