It was one of those lucky days when Google search simply drops out great results. One of the most inspiring ones was the article on motivation published on Quartz at Work entitled Psychologists Have Surprising Advice for People who Feel Unmotivated.

Feel free to click on the links and read it through. Basically, it is an academic investigation published in MIT Sloan Management Review with the original title Should I Give Advice or Receive it?

The study reveals how giving the advice is a more effective as to receive it. Meaning that those who gave the advice on how to improve study habits, how to be more successful in managing personal finances, or simply how to get things done and be at our best – were more motivated and gained faster and better results in life performance than those who received it.

Nice example of quantum paradigm in which there are always two sides of a coin. In addition, we are not here for taking or giving the advice, but much more for the supportive collaboration of our lifetimes.