Dunja Kukovec working at home
Still in the Mood, by Dunja Kukovec, 2018
Dunja Kukovec 2018 portrait at home.
In the Mood for Work, by Dunja Kukovec, 2018









My name is Dunja Kukovec, and presently I am in charge of the entire content of the site and for all the activities of the Mind Navigation Institute. In its essence, the Institute is an open platform. When, how, what, with who and for whom, depends on all of us.


In three bullet points making some point:

  • art training the mind – writing on, of and about art and artists – introducing the quantum paradigm – redefining past, present, and the future – strictly envisioning the bright future for all
  • mind training for art and life – art career training or art coaching – merging mentoring, advising, consulting and counseling tools into a unique coaching program for art students and art professionals, anyone feeling stuck or overloaded with ideas
  • news to amuse – the fresh mix of insights, commentaries, serious proposals, more and less crazy ideas, common sense solutions, life hacks, mind tricks – introducing myself and my beliefs – exploring the world offline and online


In words that make sentences:

As Dunja Kukovec I have always challenged the obvious, promoted justice and foster individual, social and political open-mindedness. That being so turned the art history museum and gallery visits of my late childhood and early youth into pursuing the international career as the new media and contemporary art curator, critic and culture manager. After more than 15 passionate years of success, challenges, and tears; a couple of years ago, I felt like it is time to hold, stop and re-think. My public life was traded for the personal obsession with vast online educational resources. The applications of modern science, neuroscience, and quantum theory shifted my understanding of the mind and matter, of the universe and self.

Today I like to introduce myself as Dunya Kas, an author, curator, and a coach. The inflammable awe for life’s entropy levels, its evolution in harmony and chaos, my curiosity in human knowledge, our decision ability, and action, with the ongoing experience of personal transformation, emerged in the unique blend of art and coaching. I work with art students and art professionals, as well as with creative individuals who feel stuck or overwhelmed by ideas.

First was art, then came coaching. Now, these two are merged in one Mind Navigation Institute, its Art ReView and Art Career Training program.

Let’s roll!