Welcome to the quantum age!

This strikingly fresh paradigm is applied to and exercised by the exclusive fusion of the modern and contemporary art curatorial expertise and coaching ideology. My name is Dunja Kukovec aka Dunya Kas, and I am on the mission to promote the new, quantum art discourse. In addition, I mentor, coach, and train art students, art professionals and all creative individuals who feel stuck or overwhelmed with ideas. Everyone can reach and hold the success and joy of a life which is meant to be.

In the News, you can find my personal insights, quests, research, and public appearances. What’s more, there are ideas of others worth spreading. Art and Me is the place for the various types of art texts written by me, and for art related personal and professional projects. They are here to inspire, amuse, trigger or inform you.

Now – in case you feel in tune with me and you think you could do better, or you found yourself at the life turning point, or are even being ready for a life transformation – don’t even try not to check out You and Art section. There are details about the unique blend of mentoring, training, and coaching aimed to skyrocket your personal and professional life.

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